Volkskunst encompasses art produced by Laibach folowers and supporters and it is primarily inspired and influenced by the work of Laibach and Laibach Kunst. In this respect Volkskunst expresses cultural identity by conveying shared community values and aesthetics, related to Laibach’s idea of Universal art and society.

Send your artwork
We will publish selected artworks on Laibach web page and present it on Facebook and other Laibach sites. Your work will be signed with your name or with your pseudonym.  Send us also its title, measures and technical description, etc.

You can send your works in a .jpg format to: info@laibach.org

Heart is Heart

Michal Pšenička

Volkskunst from hungary V

Horváth Bálint

Volkskunst from hungary IV

Horváth Bálint

Volkskunst from hungary III

Horváth Bálint

Volkskunst from hungary II

Horváth Bálint

Volkskunst from hungary I

Horváth Bálint

From the play LOGES PLAN by Honke Rambow, actor: Alexander Ritter; photo by Christian Nielinger

Honke Rambow

It´s Time. Allways

Isidoro Reta and Marina de la Fuente, Buenos Aires


Dimitar Stoyanov

You will be left here all alone with a static scream locked on your face


Laibach in South Park?

Marcus Endberg

Our Longest Memory

Alexandre Warme

Frühstück mit Laibach

Žiga Omejc


World Traveling Artist

Laibach Book Cross

Ingo, Ventil-Verlag, DE

The Box

Marcus Endberg


Danijel Bogataj

Do it with a feeling.

Jaka Celhar


Michal Pšenička(CZ)

Europe is falling apart!

Jussi Lamberg

Volk Em High

Robert Henry

Grand Union

Dark Domain Art

Todeskommandant Medici

Apolonio Aguiar

Fight For Your Right


Laibach in Paris

Antoine Silvestri

Džoni Rackovic – One language (II)

(forwarded by) Drvo Dub

Džoni Rackovic – One language (I)

(forwarded by) Drvo Dub

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