LAIBACH KUNST signifies the end of an era of movement, searching, the end of stylistic and aesthetic inventions, and is:

– a more mature, critical evaluation of art,
– a choice which will rediscover history, return power to institutions and conventions,
– a remodelling of history as a successful method of violence/oppression of new artistic practices,
– the application of force to the point of complete control over values,
– the depersonalisation of authors,
– self-reproduction,
– the consequence of ideological dictate (Gleichschaltung),
– security for the aesthetic market (Warenästhetik);

LAIBACH KUNST conserves lasting values.



*From the exhibition leaflet „Monumental Retro-Avant-Garde“ –  AUSSTELLUNG LAIBACH KUNST, Galerija ŠKUC, Ljubljana, April 21, 1983