Ho, ho, ho, we told you so, it’s Christmass time again! So all you warmhearted, loving and generous people of the world, Welcome to our dominion!

It’s time to wide open your doors and share the joy and precious moments with the circle of your bellowed ones and with your closest friends - those who survived this revengeful year.
To help you make this Christmass very special, we have Laibach gifts waiting for you under our Tannenbaum. Just pick them up…
Contrapunctus XIV T-shirt +
North Korea Liberation Day T-shirt +
North Korea Liberation Day Badge
Ausstelung: Laibach Kunst Machine Poster +
Ausstellung: Laibach Kunst Poster
And never forget!
If you are a true believer join Spectre Party, receive a Party book and become our partisan!
Also note: we offer 10% Christmass discount on all WTC items, including Spectre Revenue stamps, which bring you additonal discounts and WTC store credit. Discounts are active till January 31st , 2017. Read more about Spectre Revenue Stamps here.
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