Presentation of the book “Celostna umetnina Laibach”

Presentation of the book “Celostna umetnina Laibach” by Barbara Borčić will be held on the 22 april, 19.00 at Škuc Gallery in Ljubljana.

From the invitation to the event:

“… The book will be presented by the author, in the presence of Laibach members. The author will talk about the methods and procedures in the work of Laibach’s art production, about their use of symbols and signifyers and their reference context. She will also explain the role of reproductive techniques in xerox and video media, heir expressive power and specifics in the practice of Laibach Kunst. 1983 Laibach video ‘Morte ai sciavi’ will be shown, made by Laibach with Marijan Osole – Max, on the basis of early concert appearances of Laibach.

The book is published by: Založba/*cf.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­”