This Photo gallery archive is presenting selected photos of Laibach from the beginning of 80' onwards. In order to be more transparent  the gallery is divided into a five year periods, showing the group on stage and in other contexts. If you posses good quality photo document of Laibach yourself and you are willing to share it with the others, please send it to



Pyongyang, North Korea, 19/08/2015

Photos by various authors

New York, Gramercy Theatre, 12/05/2015

Photos by Tomislav Gangl

Washington DC, 11/05/2015

Photos by Tomislav Gangl and Matt Condon

Velenje, Kulturni dom, 18/04/2015

Photos by Aleksander Kavčnik and Mucik Tilyen

Berlin, Astra Kulturhaus, 27/03/2015

Photos by

Kraków, Fabryka, 25/03/2015

Photos by and

Stockholm, Debaser Medis, 14/03/2015

Photos by Tomislav Gangl, Mina Karadzic, Tomas Ahrne

Rostock, Mau Club, 12/03/2015

Photos by Frank Meinel

Bochum, Zeche, 15/02/2015

Photos by Markus Bykol and

Hamburg, Kampnagel, 14/02/2015

© Stephan Ohlsen

Mannheim, Alte Seilerei, 13/02/2015

© Ulf Jacob, netmedia-24 and Andreas Lechleiter, Elektrographie