Laibach – Frameworks and Short Circuits

Informal meeting and seminar “Laibach – Frameworks and Short Circuits” will be held in MC Podlaga, Youth Center in Sežana, Slovenija

Date: Friday, 21 February 2014

Time: 19.00 – 20.00


From the invitation to the event:

… The presentations will attempt to provide a framework for understanding some of the characteristics of Laibach, including the symbols and imagery used by the band (e.g. within the NSK collective movement and during their live shows), and its beginnings which, in some ways, resemble the elements of punk (sub)culture. The meeting coincides with the release of Laibach’s new album ‘Spectre’ (Mute Records, forthcoming), defined as a ‘political manifesto in poetic form’.
Speakers: Aleš Erjavec; Gorazd Brne; Mitja Stefancic.

Please note: presentations will be in Slovenian.

The entry to the venue is free.

(MC Podlaga)