Dear friends, frontrunners and followers,
Since announcing our upcoming North Korea tour, we have been receiving a steady stream of requests from fans and media alike, understandably eager to experience this historical event with us live there and then.
The concerts will take place in the Main Hall of the Kim Won Gyun Music Conservatory in the capital Pyongyang on August 19 and 20, seating up to 1000 per show.

Although our main mission is to give as many Koreans as possible the Laibach experience, we are also working hard to ensure that a certain number of foreign visitors, in the spirit of brotherhood and understandingbetween the peoples, will be welcome as well.

In any case, seats for foreign aliens will definitely be limited, so until further notice:

Get on the waiting list with one of our two excellent North Korea travel operator partners

Young Pioneer Tours
contact: Rowan Beard
rowan at youngpioneertours dot com

Koryo Tours
contact: Simon Cockerell
simon at koryogroup com
As soon as we hopefully have the green light from Pyongyang, all those signed up will be informed and guided through the further arrangements.

Hopefully see you in Pyongyang!