Laibach: Nova Akropola (Re-mastered & Re-designed), Black and Silver 2LP Limited Edition Vinyl Pressing

Label: Cherry Red Records

The seminal 1986 album, long out of print, revisited, produced and remastered by Laibach and accompanied by a 2nd LP of live versions – a selection of brilliant recordings of ‘Nova Akropola’ songs spanning the last 25 years, hand-picked by Laibach. Presented in new artwork, created by the band and their designing team, and accompanied by thorough sleevenotes by Alexei Monroe, author of ‘Interrogation Machine’, this new incarnation demonstrates the longevity of both the songs and the philosophy behind them, and is an essential continuation of the ‘Nova Akropola’ story, and a vital new addition to Laibach’s catalogue.

Originally released and now re-released by Cherry Red Records in 1986, ‘Nova Akropola’ (‘The New Acropolis’) remains a masterpiece of politically-informed industrial expression, and signalled the beginning of Laibach’s breakthrough onto the international scene. Few bands stand apart from the crowd as distinctly as Laibach, that has continued to follow an individual, often controversial path for over forty years, taking them into places few other artists dare to go. (From the label’s press release)