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Iron Sky Director’s Cut trailer

See the Iron Sky Director’s Cut trailer.  Iron Sky Director’s Cut is the original vision from the film director Timo Vuorensola. New double-LP vinyl soundtrack by Laibach to be released soon by Mute.

See the trailer – click here.


For the last year’s WE COME IN PEACE TOUR Laibach recreated their song ‘Die Liebe’ from 1985. See the report from the tour – click here.


See very first ‘official’ Laibach video ‘We are Forging the Future!’ , filmed in Ljubljana’s legendary FV club in 1983, inspired by two of Laibach’s early posters from 1982 – ‘The Death of Ideology’ and ‘Ausstellung Laibach Kunst – PM’ from 1983.

This video, filmed by Richard Heslop, was consider lost and has been only recently ‘rediscovered’.

Click to see  the video!

A video clip: ‘TOUCH OF EVIL’

Mosha Pijade Hall, Zagreb, Croatia
11. 12. 1982

Filmed by Šime Strikoman.

See the video!

This is the video recording of the second Laibach concert appearance in Zagreb, which happened at the YURM (YU Rock Moment) Festival in the Moša Pijade Workers’ University, on December 11, 1982. Read more…

KOHLE IST BROT video clip

See a short clip / visual report from the KOHLE IST BROT underground show in the Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia, in Velenje, October 19th, 2012.

Click here to see the video clip.

Laibach soap, presented in the clip, was part of the LAIBACH KUNST GLÜCK AUF installation in the museum and can be obtained as a souvenir on Laibach WTC ( Read more…

L is for Laibach

Laibach is included in the John Peel online Record Archive project.
Read more about this project here:

Official “Under the Iron Sky” video

The long awaited official video for the song Under the Iron Sky, taken from the soundtrack of the film is finally released.

See the video on Youtube.

Volkswagner – new Laibach project

We would like to announce the project VOLKSWAGNER Suite – a collaborative interpretation of Wagner’s music by Laibach, the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, and Izidor Leitinger, conductor. Read more about this event.

18th April 2009, Gallus Hall in Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana

Volkswagner TV advertisment

Volk – Dead in Trbovlje DVD

DVD – Volk – Dead in Trbovlje (Mute/EMI) has been released on July 28th 2008.

DVD features footage from Volk concert in Trbovlje that took place on March 23rd 2007, music videos associated with Volk, selected film screens that are projected during the show, and a “tour medley” as bonus material.

Turkiye Video

Turkiye, directed by Sašo Podgoršek and released by Mute Records, is the latest promotional video taken from Volk album.

Divided States of America in Linz

Sašo Podgoršek’s documentary film Divided States of America, was screened on Crossing Europe Festival in Linz (Austria) on 26th and 28th of April 2007.

In April 2007 film has also been invited to Singapore International Film Festival.

[Crossing Europe Festival]
[Divided States of America]

Slovania Video

Slovania, directed by Sašo Podgoršek and released by Mute Records, is the second video taken from Volk album.

DVD RELEASE: Divided States of America

The next in Laibach’s series of DVD releases, ‘Divided States Of America’ with bonus footage of Laibach Live In Paris, was released on 13th November 2006 by Mute.

This film is a unique document of the Laibach tour, set during the traumatic post-election atmosphere in the USA, a country deeply divided by two opposite political and cultural poles. The tour has been therefore named “The Divided States of America Tour”.