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Iron Sky – Director’s Cut – The Original Film Soundtrack (Vinyl Edition)

Deluxe Limited Edition Gatefold Vinyl
Double Vinyl + Double CD Set
New music created for the film

Iron Sky Director’s Cut Soundtrack is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2012 Iron Sky Laibach Original Soundtrack.

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For the last year’s WE COME IN PEACE TOUR Laibach recreated their song ‘Die Liebe’ from 1985. See the report from the tour – click here.


See very first ‘official’ Laibach video ‘We are Forging the Future!’ , filmed in Ljubljana’s legendary FV club in 1983, inspired by two of Laibach’s early posters from 1982 – ‘The Death of Ideology’ and ‘Ausstellung Laibach Kunst – PM’ from 1983.

This video, filmed by Richard Heslop, was consider lost and has been only recently ‘rediscovered’.

Click to see  the video!

Die Macht der Finsternis

Laibach is contributing music for Die Macht der Finsternis (The Power of Darkness) by Leo Tolstoi, the new theatre production in Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, directed by Sebastian Baumgarten. Premiere is on 24th November, 2012, at 19.30h. (Photo by Philip Bussmann)

More info.
See the trailer.
See the video used in the show.
See photos from the play.

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An Introduction to Laibach – Out Monday 3 September

On Monday 3 September, Mute are releasing “An Introduction to Laibach / Reproduction Prohibited”.

The album is a collection of remastered reinterpretations including Final Countdown, Across The Universe, Life is Life (Leben Heisst Leben) plus new recordings, Warme Lederhaut (Warm Leatherette) and Ballad of A Thin Man. The collection of songs was compiled by Laibach, presented with new artwork and sleevenotes. This recording is part of an exciting series of compilations from Mute named “An Introduction to…”. Read more…

L is for Laibach

Laibach is included in the John Peel online Record Archive project.
Read more about this project here:

Official “Under the Iron Sky” video

The long awaited official video for the song Under the Iron Sky, taken from the soundtrack of the film is finally released.

See the video on Youtube.

The Laibach Tate Modern recording – “Monumental Retro-Avant-Garde”

The Laibach Tate Modern recording, “Monumental Retro-Avant-Garde”  released by Mute and Abbey Road Live Here Now is out – a Limited Edition  2 CD release comprised of  22 songs, packaged beautifully.

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TateShots: Laibach, Monumental Retro-Avant-Garde

See the Tate Modern report from the Laibach show on Youtube. Click here!

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Laibach is playing a short concert in Križanke, Ljubljana (SI) on September 21st 2011 at the “The Bob Dylan project – become a volunteer!”. This is an eventorganized by the American Embassy in Slovenia, to commemorate Bob Dylan’s 70th Anniversary. Several artists, based in Slovenia, among them Vlado Kreslin, Katalena, Zoran Predin & the Gibsy Swing Band, Peter Lovšin & Španski Borci, Chris Eckman & the Frictions, etc. are going to present their cover songs of Bob Dylan.

Free entrance tickets are available! You can obtain a free ticket by sending an email or at the entrance of the venue on the day of the show.


Laibach has contributed to a project, dedicated to American music icon Bob Dylan, who this year celebrates his 70th birthday. The U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana is planning to showcase Dylan’s legacy with this project, and also to promote volunteerism among Slovenia’s youth. The Embassy is marking Dylan’s May 24th birthday by releasing a CD featuring many well-known Slovenian musicians, each covering a different Dylan song. Laibach did an interpretation of his “Ballad of a Thin Man”. For obtaining the free CD, write e-mail to:

PDF: The CD features many of Slovenia’s best-known musicians…
Watch the unofficial video of the song.


As part of its third leg on its “Revisited” tour, Laibach performed on 14 May 2011 at the 2-day Short Circuit Electronic Music Festival in London’s cult-venue Roundhouse, where bands such as Pink Floyd, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix Experience and the renowned radical theatre group The Living Theatre gave historical performances in the 1960s. Laibach took the mainstage on the third and final day of the festival, following bands such as The Liars, The Residents and Erasure with guests Alison Moyet and Feargal Sharkey. Before and after Laibach, Andy Fletcher and Martin Gore from Depeche Mode played DJ sets on the same stage. At the end of their set, Laibach played a cover version of the legendary hit “Warm Leatherette”, which more than 30 years earlier marked the beginning of the label Mute Records, the host of the festival.

A video clip from the concert.

Revisited tour in May

At the coming LAIBACH REVISITED tour in May 2001 and in the light of their 30th Anniversary the group will present newly arranged versions of some of their older tracks from the first half of 1980′s, like notorious Država (The State), Brat moj (Brother of Mine), Mi kujemo bodočnost (We Are Forging The Future) Krvava gruda – plodna zemlja (Bloody Ground – Fertile Soil) as well as selection of the material from their later albums.

“300 essential albums”

Laibach’s Opus Dei album on the list of “300 essential albums” in Metal Hammer

The may issue of the largest selling monthly heavy metal magazine published in the UK, Metal Hammer, is presenting ‘300 essential albums ‘You Must Hear Before You Die’ (‘the finest metal records ever forged’) and Laibach’s Opus Dei album is included in the selection.

Laibach to Provide Soundtrack for Moon Nazi Invasion in Iron Sky

In the year 1945 the Nazis went to Moon, and in 2018 they are coming back. This is the premise of the sci-fi film Iron Sky, the upcoming movie project from the creators of the hugely popular internet hit Star Wreck. Laibach was asked to provide the soundtrack for the movie and has invited Ben Watkins (Juno Reactor) in collaboration on production of the score.

See the teaser of the movie:

Volkswagner – new Laibach project

We would like to announce the project VOLKSWAGNER Suite – a collaborative interpretation of Wagner’s music by Laibach, the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, and Izidor Leitinger, conductor. Read more about this event.

18th April 2009, Gallus Hall in Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana

Volkswagner TV advertisment

MUTE’s God is Electricity in Jerusalem

MUTE‘s God is Electricity in Jerusalem

MUTE will present a collection of music videos as part of the 5th Conference of Complex Systems at the The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Givat Ram Campus, Wise Auditorium.

The motivation behind this event is to show the interconnections between art and music, science, ideology and spiritualism. Read more…


Laibach is announcing the release of a brand new album, titled LAIBACHKUNSTDERFUGE.

Album is the laibachian interpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach’s work The Art of Fugue (Die Kunst der Fuge). The majority of the material has been created already in 2006 and premierly performed the same year on June the 1st at Bachfest festival in Leipzig.

LAIBACHKUNSTDERFUGE is available as digital download at MUTE (EMI), and as a CD record, released by Dallas Records. Read more…

Laibach Volk

LAIBACH announced a brand new album release VOLK released on Mute on 23rd October 2006.

Laibach – Anglia

VOLK’s preceding single, ANGLIA was released on Mute on 9th October 2006.

Cherry Red Downloads

Cherry Red Records, who released Laibach’s Nova Akropola in 1985*, has just launched its own download site, with tracks from Nova Akropola available.

* re-released in 1987 and 2002 in CD version