Nova Akropola (Castle of Chambord, France)


From a museum in Charlieu (France)


We are time

Otto Krossn

Centralstation in Aarhus/Denmark

Felzer, Peter-Erik

Shopping Center Novo mesto

by Kreutzer

Detail on Garbage Bin in Novo mesto

by Kreutzer

Red Cross in Niš

Photo by Jaša Rajšek Forwarded by Gummo2

Wherever I Look I Feel Laibach…

Bas Mercx

Detail on the Doors/Morrison Hotel album cover

by Kreutzer


Fritz Catlin

Somewhere In Germany

Marian G. Ferlič‎

Rakovski Street in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Dimitar Stoyanov

Im Wald

Pascale Sauvagnat 

Whenever I Watch TV…

Marcus Endberg

Ljubljana Railway Station

Mišo Bikić

Carved Wooden Figure, found at an antique store in Dallas, Texas

Thor Johnson

Campus in South-West France

Pascale Sauvagnat

K67 kiosk

Forwarded by: Kreutzer

Subtle Laibach Kunst


Otto Krossn 

Witold Wilk

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