Volkskunst encompasses art produced by Laibach folowers and supporters and it is primarily inspired and influenced by the work of Laibach and Laibach Kunst. In this respect Volkskunst expresses cultural identity by conveying shared community values and aesthetics, related to Laibach’s idea of Universal art and society.

Send your artwork
We will publish selected artworks on Laibach web page and present it on Facebook and other Laibach sites. Your work will be signed with your name or with your pseudonym.  Send us also its title, measures and technical description, etc.

You can send your works in a .jpg format to: info@laibach.org

In The Army, Now. (Photocollage)

Mario Brandalise Baril

Tito – Laibach


Dachauer, Keller, Saliger and Eber ++++

Ivo Christov

Another Laibach

Jadson Jr., (Brazil)

Battle of Colors, Holi Festival, Barcelona

Carlos Alberto Bulsara

“Sigam-me!” (Follow me!)

Theo Szczepanski

Pokaži mi svoje rane! (Show Me Your Wounds!)

Peter Blase


David Vercruysse

Opus Dei

Rudolf Horvat

Who Are You? What Have You Sacrificed?

Jussi Lamberg

Hell Woman

Marcin Kordacki

Peace in the Future, Glory in the Past

Apolonio Aguiar

Wirtschaft ist tot!

Jelena Perišić

With Discipline 3


With Discipline 2


With Discipline 1


Composition 8 Statue De Staline/Prise electrique et croix de Sainte Nino

Fabien Le Roch

Composition 7 Crâne/East Side Gallery

Fabien Le Roch

Composition 6 Tbilissi/Face cachee de Staline

Fabien Le Roch


C. Gil

Black Duct Tape Laibach

Dorian Šneider




Isidoro Reta Ilustraciones

Sacred Silence

Isidoro Reta Ilustraciones

What are We?

Ben Attwood

To Infinity

Isidoro Reta Ilustraciones

Laibach Volk

Laibach Community

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