Volkskunst encompasses art produced by Laibach folowers and supporters and it is primarily inspired and influenced by the work of Laibach and Laibach Kunst. In this respect Volkskunst expresses cultural identity by conveying shared community values and aesthetics, related to Laibach’s idea of Universal art and society.

Send your artwork
We will publish selected artworks on Laibach web page and present it on Facebook and other Laibach sites. Your work will be signed with your name or with your pseudonym.  Send us also its title, measures and technical description, etc.

You can send your works in a .jpg format to: info@laibach.org

Der Staat

Dachauer 1252


Attila the Stockbroker

Tempio Industriale, Makeshift Cross

Valerio Perino

Tempio Industriale, Lost Deer 1

Valerio Perino

Tempio Industriale, Lost Deer 2

Valerio Perino

27th of April 1985 – 35 years of Laibach’s first album release

Christian Wolter

Sympathy for the Devil

El Hartung

New World Order in Leningrad, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Andreas Schönhofen



Thomas Dausell

M, (dye print, acrylic paint and markers)

Caynil,  Sweden

Hang ‘m high!

Bas Mercx

Laibach Revisited

Annette Strake

The Great Divide

Tima Volkov

Drum with Laibach

Bas Mercx

Milano Laibacha


Michal Pšenička

Iron Sky

Tima Volkov

Vesel božič!

Jiří Veselý‎

Kenan Đanić


Otto Krossn

No title (Linocut Print on Paper)

Christoph Van Dyck, Belgium

Lied und drei Kreuze

Michal Pšenička (CZ)

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Laibach (Linocut print on Paper)

Christoph van Dyck

Poster for Laibach in Belgrade

Lara Majkić

Art is a noble mission that demands fanaticism. Laibach

Derwen Llewelyn

Laibacher Zeitung

Peter Blase

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