Volkskunst encompasses art produced by Laibach folowers and supporters and it is primarily inspired and influenced by the work of Laibach and Laibach Kunst. In this respect Volkskunst expresses cultural identity by conveying shared community values and aesthetics, related to Laibach’s idea of Universal art and society.

Send your artwork
We will publish selected artworks on Laibach web page and present it on Facebook and other Laibach sites. Your work will be signed with your name or with your pseudonym.  Send us also its title, measures and technical description, etc.

You can send your works in a .jpg format to: info@laibach.org

Trg Evropske Zaobljube

Peter Blase

Laibachian Family

P. Higby

My Haustier

Stefan Duvancic

Frohe Laibach(ten)Absolut

Stefan Duvancic

Pojejo vojne

Peter Blase

Laibach: draw

Isidoro Reta

Jelena Trbić


Teško Disanje

Clinton the Fan

Saša Skalušević Skala

Laibach Weise Frau

Thomas Geisler - France

+ Laibach Sky +

Thomas Geisler - France

+ Laibach Sky +

Thomas Geisler - France

+ François Superstar +

Thomas Geisler - France

Yael Avroham‎


Thomas Geisler (France)


Peter Blase

Nika Ham

Mina Waiting For The Worms – Alexander Froi

Original work: Cafe scene by Raphael Soyer

Spectre Tanz Mit Laibach!

Dragana Dimitrijevic

Gauchito Laibach

Isidoro Reta Duarte

Cartoon in ‘Finance’ mag (SLO)

Igor Godnjev


Ohne Geld (CZ)

Laibach Drummer and the Bird


Ja, ja! Nein, nein!

Ohne Geld (CZ) 2015

Mina and Ursula

Marina Peoples Poet Neil

Kiali Art

Peter Blase

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