Volkskunst encompasses art produced by Laibach folowers and supporters and it is primarily inspired and influenced by the work of Laibach and Laibach Kunst. In this respect Volkskunst expresses cultural identity by conveying shared community values and aesthetics, related to Laibach’s idea of Universal art and society.

Send your artwork
We will publish selected artworks on Laibach web page and present it on Facebook and other Laibach sites. Your work will be signed with your name or with your pseudonym.  Send us also its title, measures and technical description, etc.

You can send your works in a .jpg format to: info@laibach.org

Малевич Warhol

Dachauer 821


Dachauer 821

Radiated City

Dachauer 821

Ohne Geld Arbeiter

Ohne Geld


Ohne Geld


Ohne Geld

L 1

Mariusz Franciszek Biskup‎

Laibach II

Teško Disanje

Laibach I

Teško Disanje

Laibach Is Coming

Stephen Pierce

Picture from the play LOGES PLAN (Actor: Alexander Ritter; Fotografer: Christian Nielinger)

Honke Rambow

Letzte Hilfe

Otto Krossn

Laibach : Tjentište

Bernard Pavlinovic


Thomas Geisler

Originally photographed in St-Pieters Station

Nicolas Lacour

Laibach Office

Thomas Geisler - France

✚ ≠ K

Otto Krossn

A Wooden Panel

Iris Haussmann

Laibach Amulet (Grüss Von Frankfurt!)

Roland D. LeBay‎

Ausstecher Schweizer Flagge

Uroš Kržišnik

“From Lenin to Putin”

Chrysantho Figueiredo

Du bist Unser

Uroš Križnik & Sašo


Uroš Križnik

Laibach in Trieste

Jacopo De Santis

Forever Volk!

Milani Laibacha

Vier Personen

Uroš Križnik

Mile Ditrih

Teško Disanje

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