European tour in November and December 2014

In November and December 2014 Laibach continued with the SPECTRE tour across Europe, including Slovenia. The band did shows in Novo mesto, Maribor, Nova Gorica, Ljubljana, Bologna, Bratislava, Nürnberg, Lyss, Wiesbaden, Krefeld, Augsburg, Salzburg, Lendava and Celje.
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Bossanova – Live from Ljubljana, Križanke

New video, Bossanova, launched today. Video was filmed at the Laibach SPECTRE concert in famous Križanke venue in Ljubljana’s historic Crusader’s Monastery, on May 16th, 2014. Laibach performed in the same venue first time in 1982 on a legendary ’Novi Rock Festival’.

Directed by Tomislav Gangl

Watch it here and here

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Laibach at Soundedit Festival

On 24th October Laibach will give a concert in Łódź, at Soundedit 2014 – The international festival of music producers and sound designers. Here three songs from the EP “1 VIII 1944. WARSZAWA” will be presented live for the very first time. EP is marking the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.
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Böse Clowns exhibition

Laibach is participating in an exhibition Böse Clowns (Evil Clowns), opening on September 26th at HMKV at Dortmunder U, curated by Inke Arns and co-curated by Marie Lechner
Exhibition will last till March 8th, 2015.

Comprehensive information can be found at:

Laibach at the Industrial Art Biennial (IAB)

Laibach is opening the Industrial Art Biennial (IAB) in a historic Istrian city of Labin, Croatia, September 19th, 2014 with a Red District exhibition. Industrial Art Biennial (IAB) is a new art festival project of Labin Art Express XXI (L.A.E. XXI), which would be held first as a pilot-project in 2014 in Labin, and from 2015 biennially in Labin as well as at some other industrial locations in Istria (Raša, Pula, Rovinj,…), while from 2019 it should take place also under the ground, in the former coal mine 160 m below ground level, where L.A.E. XXI is developing its fundamental project Underground City XXI whose construction is planned to start in 2016.
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Laibach at Ultima Festival, Oslo

Laibach is performing a special concert in Sentrum Scene, at the Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival on Saturday, September 13th, at the occasion of the Norwegian Constitution Bicentennial. Beside the material from their latest album Spectre Laibach will also interpret parts from Edvard Grieg’s unfinished opera ‘Olav Tryggvason’.

Sentrum Scene, Saturday 13. 09. 2014
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Nova Akropola Vinyl re-release

We are announcing the vinyl re-release of Laibach’s Nova Akropola LP. 
It is available for pre-order from Optic Nerve website for the pre-order price of £11.99. Regular price £14.99:
For the USA it is distributed by Darla and available to pre-order: 
Distributed everywhere else by Cargo Germany:

New book on Neue Slovenische Kunst in Polish

A book “Geografia artystyczna Neue Slowenische Kunst. Wieloaspektowość i kolektywizm” (“The Artistic Geography of Neue Slowenische Kunst. Multifariousness and Collectivism”) was recently published by Joanna Szczepanik in collaboration with Katedra Wydawnictwo Naukowe and SWPS (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw). This is the first comprehensive study in Polish of the social and cultural phenomenon known as the artistic collective Neue Slowenische Kunst.
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Laibach – 1 VIII 1944. Warszawa

Polish National Centre for Culture released the brand new Laibach EP “, titled: 1 VIII 1944. Warszawa.
Laibach was invited by the NCC to create the special project CD, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising*.
The EP is available online at:
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Eurovision video

Eurovision video was filmed in the industrial area of Trbovlje (Slovenia), the home town of Laibach and nearby the Kum mountain. Parts of the video were also shot during the last winter ice cataclysm, when half of Slovenia was in a deep freeze for two weeks.

Video was directed by Rátneek

Watch it here

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